PSHK Annual Conference 2016
The 19th PSHK Conference will be hosted and is being co-organised by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in June 2016. It will be a two-day conference also featuring the AGM of the PSHK.

Plenary Speakers
  • Sir Arnold Wolfendale (Durham University, UK): "A Century of Cosmic Ray Research: what has been discovered and where do we go from here?"

  • Zikang Tang (UM, Macau): "Stable ZnO ultraviolet light-emitting devices after a breakthrough of stable p-n junction"

  • Wenlong Zhan (CAS, China): "Nuclear & Material Research Center in Huizhou, Guangdong"

  • Michel A. Van Hove (HKBU): "Mechanisms of Molecular Machines"

Invited Speakers
Theme 1: Soft Matter & Biophysics
  • Hao Yuan Kueh (Caltech): "Chance and individuality in mammalian cell fate decisions"

  • Jiangwen Zhang (HKU): "Identification of DNA methylation Events Driving Cancer Progression"

  • Changsong Zhou (HKBU): "Stochastic oscillation in self-organized critical states of small systems: sensitive resting state in neural systems"

  • Leihan Tang (HKBU): "Plateau behaviour in the violation spectrum of the fluctuation-response relation in nonequilibrium systems with time-scale separation"

  • Xuhui Huang (HKUST): "Investigation conformational changes of biological macromolecules using kinetic network models"

  • Yi Wang (CUHK): "Cellular entry of nanodiamonds explored via molecular dynamics simulations"

  • Yang Lu (CityU): "Mechanically assisted self-healing of ultrathin gold nanowires"

  • Jianbin Xu (CUHK): "Graphene-like materials and the related photonic devices"

  • Yuen Hong Tsang (PolyU): "Optical limiting properties engineering for the novel two dimensional nanomaterials"

  • Yuda Zhao (PolyU): "Layer-dependent metal-semiconductor transition in two-dimensional PtSe2"

  • Jiandong Huang (HKU): "

  • Role of Anterograde Motor Kif5b in Clathrin-coated Vesicle Uncoating and Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis--How Is Plasma Membrane Protein Homeostasis Maintained?


  • Liming Bian (CUHK): "Functional biomaterials for regenerative medicine"

  • Wei Huang (SUSTC): "Quantitative characterization of an mesenchyme pattern formation system"

  • Yilin Wu (CUHK): "Motion in thin films of bacterial suspensions"

Theme 2: Condensed Matter & Device Physics
  • Stephen Sai-Wing Tsang (CityU): "Photovoltage Loss in Excitonic Solar cells" 

  • Roy Vellaisamy (CityU): "Interface engineering for non-volatile memory devices"

  • Kam Tuen Law (HKUST): "Ising Superconductivity and Majorana fermions in superconducting transition metal dichalcogenides" 

  • Ho Bun Chan (HKUST): "The Casimir force in silicon micromechanical systems" 

  • Yue Zhao (SUSTC, Shenzhen): "Creating and Exploring Graphene Electron Optics with Local Probes"

  • Wang Yao (HKU): "Valley-spintronics in 2D semiconductors"

  • Zhengcheng Gu (CUHK): "Emergence of topological superconductivity in 2D strongly correlated doped Dirac systems" 

  • Kwun Nam Hui (UM, Macau): "Porous materials for high-rate energy storage applications" 

  • Wenjie Li (SIAT, CAS): "Band alignment of CZTS at grain boundary" 

Theme 3: Other Physics
  • Jenny Lee (HKU): "Exploring Novel Nuclear Structure using In-beam gamma Spectroscopy"

  • Tjonnie G.F. Li (CUHK): "Dawn of gravitational-wave astronomy"

  • Jianfang Wang (CUHK): "Colloidal Gold Nanocups with Orientation-Dependent Plasmonic Properties"

  • Zhifeng Huang (HKBU): "Weakening chiroptical activity of plasmonic nanospirals induced by surface grafting with alkyl ligands

  • Dangyuan Lei (PolyU): "Plasmonic Fano Resonances in Metallic Nanoclusters for Ultrasensitive Biosensing and Efficient Second-harmonic Generation

  • Feng Wang (CityU): "Tuning lanthanide luminescence in core-shell nanoparticles

  • Jinyao Tang (HKU): "Sub-bandgap excitation of quantum dots sensitized graphene photodetector

  • Hai-Feng Li (UM, Macau): "Neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering studies of iron-based superconductors"