Celebrating Physics 2019: A Series of Public Lectures

Celebrating Physics 2019 is a series of lectures on physics topics organized by the PSHK. The three expert speakers in this series are distinguished university researchers as well as renowned science popularizers and promoters.

The lectures explore the relationship between the smallest fundamental particle size and the largest universe; the use of new materials and artificially designed metamaterials to delicately regulate the transmission of light and sound waves; and the principles of quantum communication and encryption in the ongoing second quantum revolution. The topics are based on the personal research experiences of the speakers. The Hong Kong Institute of Physics hopes to introduce the public and students to the local quantum communication and encryption principles through a series of three lectures. The Hong Kong Physics Society would like to introduce to the public and students the scientific achievements of the local research team and the opportunities for young physics students in Hong Kong to participate in cutting-edge research. The seminar was conducted in Cantonese.

The lectures are conducted in Cantonese and there was ample time for audience interaction with the speakers. The public, teachers and students are welcome to attend.