PSHK Annual Conference 2017
The 20th PSHK Conference will be hosted and is being co-organised by the Hong KongUniversity ofScience and Technology(HKUST) in June 2017.

Public Lecture:


1.     F. Duncan M. Haldane, 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics (Princeton University): "Topological  Quantum Matter and Entanglement"

2.     Plenary Lectures:

3.     Hai-Qing Lin (Beijing Computational Science Research Center, Beijing): "Wilson Ratio and Quantum Phase Transitions"

4.     Minn-Tsong Lin (National Taiwan University, Taipei): "Scanning Tunneling Spectro-microscopic Study on Spintronic Emergent Materials"

5.     Gui-Lu Long (Tsinghua University, Beijing): "Quantum Secure Direct Communication"



Invited Lectures:


1.     Yilin Wu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong): "Weak Synchronization and Large-scale Collective Oscillation in Dense Bacterial Suspensions"

2.     Shengwang Du (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): "Generating Narrowband Photon Pairs with Entanglement"

3.     Sai-Wing Tsang (City University of Hong Kong): "18% High-Efficiency Air-processed Perovskite Solar Cells Made in a Humid Atmosphere of 70% RH"

4.     Jianfang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong): "Active Plasmon Switching"

5.     Chi-Hang Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University): "Emergent facilitation behavior in a distinguishable-particle lattice model of glass"

6.     Shizhong Zhang (The University of Hong Kong): "Cold Atomic Gases with Higher Partial Wave"

7.     Dong-Bo Zhang (Beijing Computational Science Research Center): "Pre-melting hcp to bcc Transition in Beryllium"

8.     Jinguang Cheng (Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics and Institute of Physics, CAS): "Temperature-pressure phase diagram and enhanced spin fluctuations near the optimal Tc of FeSe under high pressure"

9.     Maohai Xie (The University of Hong Kong): "A STM study of epitaxial monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides"

10. Ning Wang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): "Probing quantum transport in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides"

11. C.T. Chan (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): "Pseudo-spins in classical waves"

12. Kin Hung Fung (Hong Kong Polytechnic University): "Low-symmetry Dispersive Topological Photonic Systems"

13. Haifeng Li (University of Macau): "Magnetic frustration in the SrRE2O4 (RE = rare earth) compounds"

14. Guichuang Xing (University of Macau): "Efficient light emission from Metal-Halide Perovskites"

15. Yi Wang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): "Inflation as a Particle Physics Collider"