Jiannong Wang

Jiannong Wang

Prof Jiannong Wang obtained her BSc degree at Xian Jiao Tong University in China in 1982, MPhil degree at Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science in 1986, and PhD degree at H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, UK in 1990. She stayed at H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory from 1990 to 1992 as a postdoc research assistant and then joined the Physics Dept, the University of Nottingham, UK as a post-doctoral research associate from 1992 to 1994. In October 1994, she joined the Physics Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as an assistant professor. Now, she is a full professor in the Physics Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Professor Jiannong Wang's main research interests include physics of semiconductors quantum structures focus on magneto-transport and -optical properties of 3D topological insulators and 2D transition metal dichalcogenides. She is also interested in material physics of thin film and organic solar cells and multifunctional oxide nanostructures.

Prof. Wang was elected PSHK Fellow in 2021 "for her groundbreaking discoveries and exploration of semiconductor heterostructures and quantum materials."