Prizes & PSHK Fellow

Student Best Presentation Award and Best Poster Award

During each Annual Conference, we present Best Student Presentation Award(s) and PSHK Best Student Poster Award(s), each of which respectively carries HK$3,000- and HK$500-valued book vouchers. We also issue a certificate to each winner.


Any postgraduate student studying any physics-related discipline in Hong Kong who is selected to give a talk or presents a poster is eligible to be considered for these prizes.

PSHK Fellows

The PSHK Fellowship is a prestige bestowed on the scientist by his/her peers to recognize his/her contribution to the field of physics in Hong Kong. The establishment of the Fellows program is to provide a platform to honor the scientific achievements of individuals within a particular specialty or for their service to the physics community in the territory, and in so doing encourage academic exchange and cultivate an adventurous spirit in the physicist to pursue intellectual curiosities in physics.


PSHK recognizes the contribution of all members in the Society in the field of physics, and places special emphasis on the impact made by women and minority physicists in Hong Kong. We specifically encourage the nomination of candidates with such backgrounds.


The details of the PSHK Fellows program is currently being worked out. More will be released at a later stage of development once such details have been confirmed.

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